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Functie: Certified SAP FI/CO functional and technical consultant
Beschikbaar In overleg
Zoekt: opdracht

2003-2004 MSc - Advanced Computer Science with ICT Management
University of Manchester (UK)

Modules: IT Change Agenda, IT Systems and Strategy, Process Modelling, e-Commerce, Extreme Java, Mobile Computing

2000-2003 B.Eng - Technical Computer Science (Electrical Engineering)
Rijswijk University of Professional Technical Education (NL)

Modules: Microprocessor Hardware, Microprocessor Software, Real-time Operating
Systems, Electronic Systems Development, Control Engineering, Object Oriented Design


2006 SAP FI/CO Bootcamp (Accenture - NL)
2006 SAP - Financial Accounting Customizing I (SAP - NL)
2006 SAP - Cost Center Accounting (SAP - UK)
2005 Core Analyst School (Accenture - US)


2006 Certification mySAP Managerial & Financial Acc. 2003

2004 Certificate in Personal Development - Students Union -
University of Manchester (UK)
Assertiveness, Special Needs, Communication Skills, Decision Making, Team Building, Team Leadership, Customer Care and Managing Meetings

2003 Scholarship for Postgraduate MSc Study - VSB Fonds (NL)



Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), Turkish (fluent), German (beginner).
Computer languages: Java, HTML, ASP.NET (C#), SQL.
Computer skills: SAP FI/CO (SD/MM/IS-U), Microsoft products (Windows 98/NT/XP, Office XP, Visio, MsSQL Server, Visual Studio.NET), Linux & mySQL, Lotus Organizer, Dreamweaver, Workflow Management Systems (RADRunner, Oracle Business Process Manager 2.0).



2006-present Insight Services BV (NL)
Full-time – mySAP Consultant FI/CO

2005-2006 Accenture / Amsterdam (NL)
Full-time – Global Business Solutions: certified SAP FI/CO Consultant

2004 Michelin Services Limited / Manchester (UK)
Part-time – IT Support Consultant: Responsible for solving IT related problems

1999-2002 ClassX.NET Solutions / Gorinchem (NL)
Part-time – Web programmer: Programming in HTML, MsSQL and Visual Studio.NET (C#), customer support and marketing.



The objective of the project is to change the organizational structure of the client company Europe-wide. Regional Business Units (RBU) are introduced instead of single sales companies. The RBU’s will become commissionaires instead of the sales company owning the goods/services sold.

This project involves the set up of the new structure and set up of the financial system for these regions. The task of the project team is to make the financial system, a SAP system, available for all these entities.

Implementing the FI-CO module and consulting the financial team.

This includes:
 Configuring the system based on the blueprints
 Documenting his work
 Testing the configured system
 Resolving issues coming from the tests
 Developing training material


SAP FI/CO Consultant:

The objective of the project is to extend the existing functionality in the MSAP system to ‘base metals’ for regions USA and China. The project includes blueprinting, configuring and testing the existing SAP system, with modules FI-CO, SD, MM, APO, TSW and CT (Commodity Trading is a custom module internal built). Besides these tasks, the project team is also responsible for training the relevant users in the use of the system.

The secondary objective of the project is to establish a long term relationship with the client. By implementing this functionality, the Accenture consultants get experience in the client's SAP environment that they can utilize in future projects.

Implementing the FI-CO and the SD module from front to back.

This includes:
 Creating blueprint documents for these modules
 Discussing the blueprints with the users
 Presenting his findings during workshops with the users
 Configuring the system based on the blueprints
 Documenting his work
 Testing the configured system
 Resolving issues coming from the tests
 Developing training material


SAP FI/CO Test Analyst:

 Build, own and execute a given number of business test scenarios during various phases of testing (Integration Test 1, Integration Test 2, Expanded Interface Testing and User Acceptance Testing)
 Verify the new functionality and Change Requests to the template meet local requirements
 Identify, prioritize and retest defects found during test execution.
 Work with the other teams (Process, Tech Dev) to resolve any issues that arise out of the testing process
 Support the business and users in the completion of User Acceptance Testing and sign-off
 Provide progress reports on statuses of scenarios, defects, and impacts.

SAP Purchase to Pay/Tax Process Team member:

Primary responsibilities:
 Support to the functional unit test (IT1) planning, definition and execution.
 Planning support, definition and execution of integrity test (IT2) and user acceptance test (UAT) for AP/PO modules. The execution of test scenarios includes defects identification and re-test after resolution.
 Production Support after Go Live

Secondary responsibilities:
 Research and document various technical issues that arise. Success factors include thoroughness of research and clarity of documentation
 Build strong relationship with co-workers and the client
 Produce high quality deliverables
 Communicate frequently to Team Lead on successes, issues etc regarding engagement
 Develop deep business process and technical skills
 Manage workload by keeping to do lists and open issues list

cv: 4626

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