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Functie: SAP FICO
Beschikbaar in overleg
Zoekt: job

Working experience
TMC ERP Professionals
March 2006 – present
SAP FI/CO Consultant
February 2003 – February 2006
SAP FI/CO Consultant
Atos Origin
May 2001 – January 2003
March 1999 – April 2001
SAP FI/CO Consultant
Head project control dept.
Europe West Indies Lines (EWL)
November 1998 – February1999
(temp.) Head cost controller
American President Lines (APL)
March 1998 – October 1998
(temp.) Head invoicing dept.
Shipping Data Services (SDS)
July 1996 – February 1998
Administrator/bookkeeper (for account APL)
Trans-maritime Freight Agencies (TFA)
February 1992 – June 1996

HES Rotterdam (HEAO)
Business College, accounting
MEAO ’s Hertogenbosch
Secondary business School, accounting
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 Financial Closing
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 Asset management
Atos Origin Training Centre
Computer Aided Test Tool (CATTS)
SAP Netherlands
ASAP SAP Implementation
SAP Germany
SAP Industry Solution Utilities, master data & basic functions
SAP Germany
SAP Industry Solution Utilities, introduction
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 Cost Centre Accounting
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 Cost management & Controlling
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 Financial Accounting & Controlling
SAP Netherlands
SAP R/3 Application fundamentals, overview
SAP CRM Overview
SAP Authorizations Overview
SAP HR Overview
SAP BW Overview

Origin Training Centre
MS Access (standard)
Origin Training Centre
MS Excel (experienced)

Core competence
Candidate has over 10 years of experience mostly in financial jobs and the last 4 and half years in IT. With his present level of education, “want-to-know-it-all” mentality, self teaching en pro-active attitude, analyzing capacities, communication skills, flexibility and precise way of working, Candidate is capable to quickly find his way within any organisation and can make a vast contribution to every project (team). On top of that Candidate has a positive and cheerful character. This together with his everlasting enthusiasm and “down-to-earth” approach makes Candidate an excellent team player who’s always there for his colleagues and trying to motivate them. Honesty and co-operation are key-values for Candidate.
Competence profile

Branch knowledge
Shipping & transport
Information Technology
Temp agencies
Public Sector

Knowledge & Competences
Business knowledge
Functional SAP Consultant
SAP Trainings consultant
Business Analyst
Problem analyst / second line support



TMC ERP Professionals

MARCH 2006
SAP Netherlands
SAP FI/CO Consultant, trainer
Harold gave level 2 training courses (modules FI and CO) on behalf of SAP Netherlands to future SAP consultants participating in a masterclass. The customizing was strongly emphasized in these courses.


Ministry of Transport
Project: standard SAP R/3 implementation of modules FI, CO, MM, PS as well as WFM
Harold was involved in making and testing the material plus documentation for end-user training SAP R/3 Accounts receivable and payable, a training-on-the-job SAP R/3 Outgoing payments and the “refresh” courses in which “real live” cases and integration with SAP Workflow were an essential part. Next to that Harold dealt with change requests for the use of interest invoices in SAP R/3 Accounts receivable, the automatic upload of payments abroad from SAP R/3 to a online bank tool and finally processing down payments and journals related to cash obligations. In his last month on the project he mainly provided support after the successful go live on January 23rd 2006.

Lyondell Chemicals
Role: Business support analyst
Functional SAP FI/CO consultant: act as the single point of contact and offering second line support for the entire finance (a.o. VAT, Treasury, Credit, Disbursement, Financial Analysing, Costing and inventory) and internal audit department within Lyondell Chemicals Netherlands first of all with regards to SAP and beyond that all other IT related matters. Activities include amongst others analyzing business requirements and issues with SAP, guide the quarterly SAP enhancement process, SAP client testing, guiding/leading (small) projects for changes in SAP (due to changing/new legal requirements and regulations, new business scenarios and so on) but also other tools and applications then SAP such as IXOS, iRIMS, ACL, Essbase, Hyperion and more. Furthermore Harold has been involved as project manager in the transition to a new mobile phone service provider and as a communication and trainings consultant in the migration to Office 2003.

Project: issue solving relating to (new) processes & implementation of SAP R/3 implementation
Functional SAP FI/CO consultant: identifying, analysing & documenting (sytem and/or financial) issues relating to General Ledger and CO-Profitability Analysis in a SAP R/3 (release 4.6c) system. Providing and recommending possible solutions.

Project: managed services/support SAP NBO
Functional SAP FI/CO consultant: handling of questions and problems reported as incidents to the managed services department, relating to the FI and CO-module in SAP R/3 (release 4.6c) system. Analysing and solving the incidents. Executing financial (impact) analyses on request for suggested changes in the system.

Project: quick scan release upgrade
Functional SAP FI/CO consultant: executing quick scan on a SAP R/3 (release 4.5b) application (FI/CO-module) regarding a possible upgrade to SAP R/3 release 4.70/Enterprise. Taking into account the functional differences between the releases, analysing the existing enhancements and the possibility to replace them with standard SAP-functionality. Searching for possible quick wins based on current procedures and new functionality in release 4.70, judging existing documentation, analysing training requirements, and describing (extra) activities to be executed during/after upgrade together with a timetable.

MARCH 2003
Project: sales/training
Functional SAP FI/CO consultant: analysing training requirements for a group of key-users who are joining in a SAP R/3 (release 4.6) implementation project. Investigating which topics should be included in the basic FI/CO-training based on present documentation and blueprint of the project. Providing a time table for making and teaching the course as part of the sales offer. Making templates for course book.


MARCH 2001 - JANUARY 2003
Project: standard SAP R/3 implementation
Training consultant: making and teaching FI/CO training material (base course, general ledger and controlling-planning) for end-users.
Functional SAP FI/CO consultant: customizing final configuration general ledger (chart of accounts, v.a.t.-registration and planning), accounts receivable (dunning), defining and developing key performance indicators & and reports, reporting (a.o. balance sheet/ financial statement version), documenting (customizing, functional specifications, test scripts, working instructions and procedures), intercompany procedures, accompany/support data conversion general ledger, solving issues from tests, dealing with change requests, 1st line support (after go live).

Project: Roll out, implementation of kernel phase 1 to other branches
Organizing and giving workshops, presentations, demonstrations and test sessions financial functionalities SAP R/3 (general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, asset management, banking, intercompany and controlling).
Branch consultant for one of the branches, responsible for all functional aspects of the roll out/implementation of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, assets and controlling. Customizing baseline and final configuration including additional functionalities, documentation (customizing, functional specifications, test scripts, working instructions and procedures), intercompany procedure, data conversion (manual and automatic) for general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, asset management, banking, intercompany and controlling, solving issues from tests, dealing with change requests, 1st line support (after go live), training-on-the-job.

MARCH 1999 – FEBRUARY 2001
SAP Service Line / (head) project control
Financial management of IT-projects operated by ATOS for several customers
Time registration for IT company-employees allocated to projects and keeping track of subcontractors
Invoicing projects, analysing and preparing statistics, budget control and reporting financial progress of the projects and post calculation of the fixed price projects
Managing department consisting of 3 FTE and liaison between project control, administrator and controller.


Head Cost control
Preparing pre calculations of expected costs and revenues per roundtrip of ships based on available and requested information plus estimates and experience taking into account all relevant data.
Checking estimates, disbursement accounts and monthly statements for EWL-agents across the world.
Preparing and maintaining statistics and analyses based on pre calculations, trends and developments on the market managerial purposes.
Managing department of 3 FTE


MARCH 1998 – OCTOBER 1998
(temp.) Head invoicing department
Making, teaching and running/controlling of new invoicing procedure, which was necessary due to the initial problems in invoicing after the merger between two shipping lines, in January 1998.
Managing temporary department of (maximum) 15 FTE which task it was to clean up the back draft in invoicing


JULY 1996 – FEBRUARY 1998
Bookkeeper for account APL Agencies Holland
Administrate accounts receivable and accounts payable, bank statements: all daily activities such incoming and outgoing invoices, master data, out standings, payment runs electronic banking, credit control etc.
Reporting costs/revenues to European head office according to their standards and with their formats
Assisting the administrator with period end-closing, budgets, external financial reporting.
Managing 2 FTE’s allocated to the F&A-activities of the agency

FEBRUARY 1992 – JUNE 1996
Making disbursement accounts (gathering all costs and revenues for roundtrip of ship, calculating the agent’s commission) and monthly statements of account with shipping line.
Accounts receivable and payable, bank statements
Maintaining statistics for reporting purposes.

cv: 4449

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