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Functie: Consultant, Programme or Project Manager
Beschikbaar asap
Zoekt: work

Migration towards marked oriented ICT incl. IT-Strategic and Tactical plan, impact of IT on Business plan, Finance & Budgets. Job-descriptions, assessment centers, coaching, ISO 9002 quality labeling, introduction & evaluation of SLA / ITIL norms & procedures.
Planning according to MS Project, EMC² and PACII Project Methodology. Applying Risk Management, Change Management, Quality Assurance (ISO9002 ITIL) Procedures and Project Methodology tools, KPI´s, High-Level Progress, Exception and Problem reporting.
. Technical Institute in Aalst, Belgium. (A leading school for technical engineers)
. Post university degree in Computer Sciences. (1969-1970 IBM Brussels, Belgium)
. Advanced Management Development in the Netherlands (1981) and the USA (1985)
. Supplemental education & courses such as Quality (KEMA), ITIL, Organization & Personnel,
Management, Infrastructure & Planning, Time-management, Assessment, Appraisal etc.


Bidding procedures for large and medium size projects such as the preparation, submission and evaluation of RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal), the selection & management of third party suppliers & products.
Budget and cost control, management of project teams, staff recruitment, coaching and support of project team(s) permanent & temp staff, contractors and third party suppliers.
Business Process Reengineering using ORACLE products, ERP, SAP, UNIX, CITRIX, Data migration and Systems integration. The implementation of a Project Office and Service (Help)-Desk.
Migration, relocation & consolidation of Data Centers and IT-systems (Outsourcing & Insourcing).
The implementation of (hot) stand-by infrastructure for Contingency & Disaster Recovery, rollouts and upgrades of Systems Software, Client/Server, LAN WAN Telecom networks, Internet & Extranet Information Systems etc. Implementation of Application Software packages such as for: Logistics, Finance, HRMS, Order Taking, Billing and Stock handling, Laboratory Information Systems, CAD/CAM/CAE...


2003 - end 2004 HESSE-NOORD NATIE group of companies (sub of PSA)

Function : Consultant & Coach and ICT Change Manager
responsible for a planned merger of ICT depts. at HNN.
Location : Antwerp, Belgium

Achievement I : As Consultant, the design, description & preparations for a new ICT
services department based on ITIL processes. (In-sourcing)
Range: 95 ICT specialists.

Achievement II : As Change Manager, responsible for the implementation of Change &
procedures & program-project management & coaching of staff: budgets,
relevant administrative procedures, implementation of CITRIX,
consolidation of Wintel platforms, acquisition of consolidated IBM i570
Series High Availability mid-frame platforms, Contingency & Disaster
Recovery etc.
Environment: Clustered platforms IBM i570 LPAR, OTN/LAN/WAN etc

1999 - 2001 COMMUNITY of the CITY of MAASTRICHT

Function : (Interim) ICT Manager, advisor of the Management Team,
responsible for ICT for the community of the City of Maastricht.
Location : Maastricht, The Netherlands

Achievement I : As Project Leader, the definition of a new I and A strategy, the
acceptance by the Management Team and the community
syndicate. The implementation of mentioned Master Plan.
Range: 1200 co-workers at 26 locations.

Achievement II : As Manager, responsible for the ICT-department of 50 specialists.
Conversion towards a client-oriented operation. Set-up of a new ICT
organization, Front / Back Office oriented, execution of assessments, preparation of Jobdescriptions for the ICT-workforce and SLA´s.
Set-up of a Service-desk, definition of norms and procedures.
The implementation of quality assurance tools and procedures & E-Government Information system for internal and external use. Hardware upgrade / update of the entire Data Center, the installation of a remote (hot) stand-by Data Center for recovery and the execution of Y2K. Day-to-day management of the ICT-department.
Involvement : 80 Information and Automation specialists.
Environment: Clustered UNIX, LAN/WAN, MS-Client/Server,
TCP/IP, Datawarehousing, Firewall-security etc.


Function : International ICT manager, member of the Management Team,
responsible for ICT in Europe, 6 countries.
Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Achievement I : As Programme Manager, the definition of a new European ICT
strategy, the acceptance by the Board of Directors, (local)
Management and Syndicate.
The translation in a 5Ytactical plan and the implementation including:
the definition of primary business processes, Call Centers,
Data management and Datawarehousing, Reporting, Systems
Integration and Infrastructure for 800 locations in 6 countries.
The execution of Requests for Information and the public Bidding
incl. the selection & management of third party suppliers & products.
Budget and cost control Management, Management of project teams
(Permanent & temp staff, contractors and third party suppliers),
Staff recruitment, coaching and support of the teams.
Environment: ORACLE designer, developer & DBMS, SUN-UNIX
Clusters, WAN/LAN, TCP/IP, security etc.
Project cost: Euro 25.000.000,-
Involvement: 100 ICT specialists & user representatives,
Range: 6000 Co-workers in Europe, 800 locations in 6 countries.

Achievement II : As Manager, responsible for ICT in Europe, 80 employees in the
Benelux and 40 functional in other European countries.
Conversion towards a market oriented IT-organization, execution of
assessment centers, preparation of Jobdescriptions and the
implementation of a new individual appraisal system.
The implementation of an Internet Information System & Website.
The initiation of the Y2K project and the day-to-day management.

Achievement III : As Consultant and Manager, the implementation of the ISO 9002
quality label for the Dutch ICT-department. (ITIL and KEMA)

1991 - 1996 TEXACO EUROPE

Function : European Account Manager ICT,
Responsible for the account ICT in Western and Southern Europe.
Location : The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.
Range: 14 European countries.

Achievement I : As Systems Integrator, consolidation and migration of all IT systems
(95-96) of the service departments from Rotterdam to Brussels, including the
financial and logistical systems (ERP SAP R3).

Achievement II : As Project Leader, the selection and implementation of an automated
(92-94) Information and Communication systems in Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Isles in relation with the de-monopolization of the (oil) business environment in Spain including logistics, billing & financial.

Achievement III : As Project Leader, selection and Implementation of CAD/CAM/CAE
(91-92) systems for a standardized design of service stations.
Range: 8 European countries.


Function : Staff member Management (Expatriate - temporary assignment)
Location : Ivory Coast and Togo, West Africa (IBM AS400, DBMS, LAN)

Achievement : As Project Leader, the implementation of Information systems,
financial, order taking and logistics, in the Ivory Coast as a model
solution for the Latin-America & West-Africa division, including the
design and construction of an associated building and peripheral
facilities such as power generation, security etc.

1984 - 1989 TEXACO PETROLEUM MAATSCHAPPY (The Netherlands)

Function : Manager Information Technology
Location : Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Achievement I : As Project Leader and Systems Integrator, the design &
implementation during acquisition of a new IT department including:
organization, selection personnel (50 IT specialists), acquisition and
integration of hardware and systems & applications software. The
optimization and migration of the applications environment for the
new acquired company. (Merger CHEVRON-TEXACO)
Environment: IBM 4300/3090, OS, IMS, TSO, RACF, WAN etc.

Achievement II : As Consultant, the implementation of real-time optimization and
Process control of the refinery processes at Pernis.
Environment: Data General, WAN/LAN, instrumentation.

Achievement III : As Manager, day-to-day management of the ICT department.


Location : Hamburg, Germany

Function : European Coordinator Interactive Computer Systems
Achievement : As Project Leader, the standardization and selection of IBM
hardware and systems software in 6 European countries.
Environment: IBM 4300, MVS, OS & DOS, IMS DBMS etc

Function : European Coordinator Distributive Processing
Achievement : As Consultant and Project Leader, the implementation and co-
ordination of a worldwide standardized Financial System in 14
European countries.
Environment: IBM mainframes, Client/Server, WAN/LAN, IMS DBMS

1977 - 1978 TEXACO OLIEMAATSCHAPPIJ (The Netherlands)

Position : Manager Computer Department
Location : Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Achievement : As Manager, line responsible for the Computer department.

1970 - 1976 TEXACO BELGIUM

Position : various staff and supervisory functions
Location : Brussels and Gent
Achievement : As Consultant, Designer and Analyst various projects

In addition to the above, assignments as Consultant, Project manager/leader, Development Manager, Systems Integrator and IT-auditor in the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), Paris, Zurich, Vienna and Athens mainly special studies, executive advice for the local management and IT-audits.

cv: 2290

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