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Functie: Senior Project Manager, PMI Certified
Beschikbaar Direct
Zoekt: Assignments


H.A.V.O - B Rijks Scholen Gemeenschap Brielle 1977
AMBI - i1, i2, b1, hb1, t2. S1, s3, hs1, hs3 P.B.N.A / N.O.V.I. 1993
3GL / 4GL programming Sperry (Unisys) 1987
Functional Design Bergler Automatisering B.V. intern 1988
Interview- en presentation skills Bergler Automatisering B.V. intern 1988
SAP-R/2 - Financial, Logistic, Controlling SAP 1992
Project Manager Workbench PMW leverancier 1990
ICT policy Imperial Chemical Industries intern 1991
Basics of management Imperial Chemical Industries intern 1991
Business planning en control Insight UK 1994
SAP-R/3 - Financial, Logistic, Controlling SAP 1995
Consultancy skills Imperial Chemical Industries intern 1995
Project Management & the environment Kernkonsult 1998
PMI/IPMA - B Certification PMI NL 2004
Management development and coaching - Ongoing


Last year of experience

GENERAL Computer operations 3 1983
Application Administration 3 1986
Change control 14 2004
Planning and co-ordination 14 2004
Application programming 4 1989
Physical Design 4 1991
Functional Design 4 1996
Information Analysis 2 1996
Project management 10 2004
Team leader support organisation 3 1995
Business en ICT consultancy 9 2004
Change management 9 2000
Service management 3 2000
Bid management 1 1998
Project consultancy 2 1999
Data Migration 5 2004
BRANCHES Post en telecommunications 7 1986
Financial organisations 3 1989
City Councils 2 1999
Chemical industries 7 1996
Crude oil / Cole processing 3 1998
Manufacturing 1 1999
Public Services 2 2001
Foods and beverages 2 2003
Utilities market 1 2002
Medical Equipment 3 2004



The candidate has broad experience in defining, organising and executing complex projects for implementation of organisations and systems, working on a strategic and tactical level.


Since 1979 the candidate has worked in the area of Information Management and Business Processes and has gained experience in areas of Systems and Application Administration, Application Development, Business Process Re-engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP) and implementing organisations. The candidate has mainly worked in large international business environments.

ASSIGNMENT : Jul 2004 - Ongoing, Interim Manager Data Management
COMPANY : Philips Medical Systems
AREA / TASK : Customer Services
Responsible for area's:
- Data Governance
- Data Architecture
- Data Standards
- Data Operartions (incident tracing, access, data checking)
- Data Migration
For each of these area's ;
- Define strategy
- Drive implementation
- Set-up and implement standing organisation and processes
- Support SAP Functional teams and Projects for all Data aspects
Team of 5 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Dec 2003 - Jun 2004, Interim Manager Technical Developments
COMPANY : Philips Medical Systems
AREA / TASK : Customer Services
Responsible for :
- Software Developments
- Organisational Changes for the team
- Preparations for Outsourcing of Developments
- Internal Audit Certification
Team of 30 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Sep 2003 - Nov 2003, Project Manager Data Migration SAP into User Acceptance
COMPANY : Cadbury Schweppes UK
AREA / TASK : Full business model foods manufacturing company
Responsible for Global Data Migration of all required master and transactional data for 2 countries out of 5 existing applications into the newly developed integrated SAP application. Team of 25 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Mar 2002 - Sep 2003, Project Manager Global Data Migration SAP
COMPANY : Philips Medical Systems
AREA / TASK : Customer Services
Responsible for Global Data Migration of all required master and transactional data for 35 countries out of 900 existing applications into the newly developed integrated SAP application. Team of 45 staff, located in 3 global regions.

ASSIGNMENT : Nov 2001 - Mar 2002, Project Manager Data Migration SAP-IS-U
AREA / TASK : Registration and billing
Responsible for migration of all required master data from existing applications to SAP-IS-U application. Team of 40 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Aug 2001 - Sep 2001, Auditor Logistical Business Process
COMPANY : VNU Aldipress
AREA / TASK : Receipt, processing and distribution of packaged magazines
Perform an audit on the functional the designs of the business processes as defined by the project. The results of the audit are presented to VNU Aldipress

ASSIGNMENT : Aug 2001 - Oct 2001, Project manager for Data Migration to new SAP
COMPANY : Van den Bergh Nederland BV
AREA / TASK : Sales and Logistics and SAP Integration
Responsible for Supply Chain master data from existing SAP environment to new SAP environment. start-up and management of this process. Team size 10 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Jun 2000 - Dec 2001, Project Manager for implementation of the euro
COMPANY : Van den Bergh Nederland BV
AREA / TASK : Start-up, Organisation, Administration, SAP-R/3
Responsible for implementation of the Euro in administration and applications for all 7 units of Van den Bergh Nederland. Team of 15 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Nov 1999 - May 2000, Transition Manager Change Management
COMPANY : ACN - Automatiserings Centrum Nutsbedrijven (Utilities provider)
AREA / TASK : Information Developments & Administration, ITIL, Change Management
Interim Change Manager en Transition Manager for implementing the ITIL Change Management process.

ASSIGNMENT : May 1999 - Nov 1999, Consultant Professional Project Management
COMPANY : Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Rotterdam (Port of Rotterdam)
AREA / TASK : Project Management, Change Management
Develop and implement process and the methodology based on requirements from Port of Rotterdam and Oracle PJM.

ASSIGNMENT : Feb 1998 - Jan 1999, Consultant implementation ICT Demand & Supply model
COMPANY : Fuji Photo Film
AREA / TASK : Project Management, Service Management, ITIL
Advise the responsible Fuji managers of the two projects (Demand and Supply) on analysing the current ICT services and possibilities for improvements.

ASSIGNMENT : Feb 1998 - Aug 1998, Consultant implementation ICT Supply organisation
COMPANY : Nerefco
AREA / TASK : Service Management, ICT support, ITIL
Support the process for hand-over of project results to the new support organisation for newly developed NT environment.

ASSIGNMENT : Aug 1996 - Jan 1998, Transition Manager
COMPANY : Nerefco
AREA / TASK : Project Management, ICT Services, ITIL, Outsourcing
Responsible for improvement projects for infrastructure, applications and for the ICT Supply organisation. Operational management of 35 staff and implementation of Demand / Supply mechanism.

ASSIGNMENT : Jan 1996 - Dec 1996, Consultant European Business Reporting
COMPANY : Imperial Chemical Industries
AREA / TASK : Management Information System / SAP-R/3
Responsible for application concepts and interfaces between SAP-R/3 and the MIS data warehouse. Team of 5 staff the Netherlands, managed from Brussels.

ASSIGNMENT : Apr 1992 - Aug 1993, Project Leader hive-down of integrated Europe applications
COMPANY : Imperial Chemical Industries
AREA / TASK : Financial and logistics systems, SAP-R/2
Responsible for the hive-down of the fully integrated corporate finance applications and their interfaces with European and global applications. Project team of 15 staff. Manager of application support team of 15 staff at the same time.

ASSIGNMENT : Mar 1989 - Aug 1996, Business Responsible Analyst
COMPANY : Imperial Chemical Industries
AREA / TASK : Accounting, Logistics, Sales, Business Reporting (MIS), SAP-R/2
Responsible for planning and executing application changes for Central Western Europe businesses. Leading European support team of 15 staff.

ASSIGNMENT : Nov 1986 - Feb 1989, Application development
COMPANY : Bergler Automatisering B.V.
AREA / TASK : Stock and bonds applications, Housing administration, Insurance
Responsible for application development, physical design and functional design with Burroughs LINC and Sperry Mapper at various companies.

ASSIGNMENT : Aug 1979 - Oct 1986, Computer Operations / Application Administration
SECTOR : Post en telecommunication
TYPE : Mainframe computer operations, Application Administration
AREA / TASK : Sperry Univac mainframe computers
Responsible for supporting and guarding the progress of mainframe computer production runs in a Computer Centre and for implementing an organisation for Application Administration.

cv: 2288

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